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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tracey H. Kitts: Selling Paranormal & Her Latest Novel "Frank and The Werewolf Tamer"

Listen to them, the children of the night … Hey, they’re not just for Halloween anymore. These days you keep hearing the term “paranormal romance” more and more. But a lot of people are still unclear about exactly what that means. Hopefully, I can help answer a few questions here and maybe help you decide if paranormal romance is something you or a friend might enjoy.
“My name is Tracey H. Kitts, and I write paranormal romance.” That simple statement usually gets me more weird looks than admitting I think Dracula is sexy. I was at an event the other day and a woman picked up one of my flyers. She read it and said, “Oh, I like romance, but what does paranormal mean?”
I said, “Well, in my case it means there are werewolves and vampires involved.” She wrinkled her nose and said, “Oh, I don’t like anything weird.” Really? That’s why she was about to buy a copy of Terminator. Cause people sending their father back in time to get their mom pregnant while avoiding capture/termination by a cybernetic nemesis is “normal.”
Another misconception is that the word paranormal only relates to ghosts or horror. While it could mean that, the literal interpretation is anything that is out of the ordinary. So many people I talk to are shocked when they realize that True Blood is a paranormal romance. Twilight also falls into this category. These stories could be about demons, angels, witches, anything out of the ordinary and of course, romance.
My latest release, Frank and The Werewolf Tamer is about a vampire and a modern (and sexy) version of Frankenstein. To me, paranormal romance is an adventure for women. We just happen to consider a relationship to be part of the adventure. I believe that people crave something different.
The two most common creatures of the night in this type of story are werewolves and vampires. When you think about it, it’s not a mystery why they have such appeal. Wolves for example, mate for life. Who doesn’t crave that kind of commitment? Especially if it comes in a wicked hot package, right? And what about vampires? They can offer what no wrinkle cream ever could: eternal youth and beauty. To never grow old is a fantasy to everyone on some level. Whether or not you’d want to live forever, most people would want to remain younger. Even if it’s only in appearance.
An automatic level of danger is required to even date someone like this! But would it be worth it to have your own loyal protector, your very own knight in shinning moonlight? More and more people seem to think so.
So, if you or someone you know is wondering if this genre is for you, maybe I can help. Paranormal romance is an adventure where a woman falls for someone “not typical.” Every relationship has challenges. What about sunlight or the full moon? Different things, different people, but the same desire to be loved.
If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give it a try?
You can find out more about Tracey at:
Grab life by the fangs!
Tracey’s latest book is Frank and The Werewolf Tamer, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Demon Christmas - by Evanne Lorraine


Holly loves her job as a private nurse, but the ill and injured offer little chance to explore her secret longings, especially not for a submissive seeking a master worth risking her heart. When she braves the exclusive La Ceinture Noire, a mysterious dom takes charge of her. She never sees his face, but she’ll never forget his powerful mastery.

Demon hunter, Colin avoids the sweetly submissive nurse next door because she doesn’t deserve to be drawn into his nightmare world. No one does. All he has to offer her is pain and heartbreak. He damn near hurts himself by tripping over his own tongue when he spots her in red lace lingerie at the club. After a too brief interlude with the enchanting little slave, he comes to his senses, and alters her memory of their encounter before leaving. There’s more to Holly than he suspects. For openers, she’s immune to his mind games. He can’t erase her memories without serious damage and he can’t bear to hurt her. The more she learns about him, the greater her jeopardy. How can he keep her safe?

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Colin tied the ribbon Diane had given him around Holly’s slender throat. The thin line of color marked her as taken — his.He loved how her lips were wet and swollen from his kiss. He loved the way she responded to him with total, helpless, surprised, submission. He loved how her abundant curves felt against his raw needs. And he hated not being able to read her. Touching hadn’t made even a crack in her impenetrable thought shield. He also hated being wrong.

In addition to not being able to read a single idea in her beautiful head, he had new problems. Her mouth was an oasis of pleasure in his barren life. Her silken tongue carried a seductive flavor of hot cocoa with a touch of cool mint. He should never have tasted her sweetness. Now it would be twice as hard to maintain his distance. But he had to; there was too much at stake, including her life.

Absently, he stroked the soft, soft skin over her delicate collarbone just below his mark of ownership. Then he watched her pulse at the base of her throat, entranced by the way it fluttered in response to his touch. What he should do was untie the ribbon, then escort her to the holding pen until the slave auction.

Yeah, sure. Not happening. He couldn’t stop touching her. Forget about putting her on the auction block for some other Dom to claim. She was completely untrained. Someone else might be impatient, too harsh, or… Not happening, no way, no how. The whole argument was moot. For now she belonged to him, and he wasn’t strong enough to forgo this chance to play. He was keeping her for tonight.

He’d agreed to do a teaching scene before the auction. Originally, he’d intended to work with hot wax or maybe a bullwhip — always a crowd favorite. But the idea of marring Holly’s perfect skin, even temporarily, sickened him. Learning her limits and how she responded to pain was part of being her Master, but he sure as hell wasn’t tossing her into an extreme scene with no idea how she’d react.

He let his thumb drift lower, grazing the top curve of her deep cleavage. And lower still, until he skimmed the edge of the lace cups. Through the stretched lace, he watched her nipples darken and pucker even tighter. He teased her swollen tips with a brush of his thumbs, and the thin material peaked over the stiffened points. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

Her breath caught with a little hitch. “A kiss, Sir.”

Damn, she got to him. His cock lengthened and hardened further until it was a pleasurable heavy ache pinned by his slacks against his thigh. He unbuttoned his jacket and leaned closer, crowding her — letting her softness cradle his raw hunger.

“Where?” The single-word question grated out like he’d swallowed a load of gravel.

Another ragged breath bumped her lush breasts against the starched front of his dress shirt, adding fresh heat to his fever.


Only the fact that they were in a public place, and he was fairly certain he wouldn’t stop at kissing, kept him from stripping off the bits of lace and taking her up on that offer. But he couldn’t resist probing her mind for lascivious images. There weren’t any. More accurately, there weren’t any he could access. He concentrated and tried again and came up just as empty.

Apparently, he couldn’t read her thoughts even when he was touching her. He’d been so focused on her physical responses and that tempting body he’d forgotten the disturbing absence of his usual mental connection.

A muffled thunk sounded close to his feet.

“There’s your toy bag. Added some red hemp. Showtime, Master Colin.”

“Thanks.” Colin stayed riveted on Holly.

Duec laughed. “Nice slave.”

Colin whirled, but Duec’s broad back was already halfway across the room and moving fast through the crowd. No way was he going to chase down his boss and leave Holly unprotected. Then what Duec had said sank into Colin’s head. Leave it to Duec to provide the ideal Christmas present. Red hemp — absolutely perfect.

He cupped Holly’s nape. “Come on. I’m going to put your beautiful body on display.”

A muffled squeak that might have been a protest came from her lips.

“Do we need to talk about your limits?” Colin rubbed his thumb along the side of her neck and deepened his voice with enough compulsion to ensure her compliance. “Or are you going to trust me absolutely?”

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Natalie Baum Releases "Callie Mallory, Chicago Adventure"

New York-based author Natalie Baum will release the latest installment of her "Callie Mallory" series on Monday, December 19.  The book will be available at Noble Romance under their Erotic Romance category as well as Amazon and various other digital outlets. The series focuses on TV chef Callie Mallory's erotic exploits as she travels across the country filming her cooking show.  The series combines romantic erotica with travel and cooking for a tantalizing read.

Natalie Baum is online.  Visit her website at Follow @NatalieBaumSexy on Twitter and become a fan of Natalie Baum Stories on Facebook.  Read Natalie's blog

Contact Natalie at

Callie Mallory is one saucy chef. She likes her produce the way she likes her men, fresh, fresh, fresh!

Debuting as a premier culinary TV show host certainly offers its perks in this regard. Live audience interaction gives Callie the opportunity to decide who she plans to fondle first…her tasty organic ingredients or the hungry taut men clamoring for her attention.

Traveling from city to city every week the scenery is never boring and the tantalizing company she encounters along the way makes her glad she’s a woman. Tune into “Organic Chef on the Go” and join this fearless bombshell as she embarks on culinary adventures that span the globe, arouse the senses and heighten physical pleasures.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not Our Grandparents' Christmas

Remember when we wished the Christmas spirit would last all year long?
We should have been more specific about which part.