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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have to Mention This Book

If you enjoy romance with an erotic edge, but are looking for a little different twist, I suggest you check out Lauren Fraser's "The Geek Next Door".

As part of the writers critiquing group, ERAuthors, I had the opportunity to witness this story in the rough as Lauren worked on it.
This book is good. It really is.
Good enough I guess you could say I'm doing a book review on a site where I don't do book reviews.

Yes, the hero is a "geek," and the heroine is anything but.
Lauren not only makes the pairing work, she does it in such a way that it thoroughly entertained me, and I don't even like this kind of book.

So, there it is. Lauren made me a true fan with this story and the way it is written.
That's a fact.
The woman can write.
That is also a fact.

Lauren Fraser has yet to receive the recognition her talents truly deserve.
Hopefully that will change soon, because a lot of people are missing out on some topnotch storytelling.
Give her a look at


  1. Oh thank you so much. I'm honored you liked the book. It's a huge compliment to have someone I respect enjoy my writing.

  2. Hi, Lauren

    What can I say? Good is good no matter what genre it's in, and this book is damn good.