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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carnal - Jenika Snow

Book three in the Luecross Wolves Series

A past that haunts, but a future that hold only the most carnal of pleasures.

Forest Haven is a picturesque vacation spot, but Alexander knows that the Luecross werewolves lurk just behind the thick tree line. What he doesn't know is that he is being hunted by his kind.

Alexander is a Luecross wolf and although he knows of his heritage, he was kept away from his kind by his adoptive parents. He has grown to fear what he is. Never has he shifted, fighting the temptation over and over again, fearing that if he gave into his basic urges he would end up hurting the people he loved.

Coming across two naked men in a clearing is a sight that brings wicked feelings to Alexander. Not only is he unsure about his emotions, he also realises the wolf that he has tried to suppress for so long is howling to be released.

When Merrick and Landon reveal who and what they really are, they also show Alexander what it means to truly let the beast out, teaching him what carnal pleasures can be unlocked if he just lets his inner wolf free.

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Excerpt From: Carnal

Alexander Dumont wasn’t human, and he had known what he was from the very moment he could speak. His adoptive parents hadn’t been secretive about it, but although they were honest, they were zealots as well. Alex had been taken from his home, hidden amongst humans so he could never be found.
His adoptive parents had kidnapped him.
Granted, they thought they were doing the right thing, but the fact remained that all his life, Alexander knew he had been missing something.
He was a shifter, a wolf. He knew nothing of his heritage, only what his parents had deemed appropriate for him to know. He had heard the story of his “rescue” hundreds of times. Over the years, he had grown to wonder what his kind was really like.
Margareta and Henry had taken him as a baby. Although Alex could feel something inside of him growing, becoming more powerful, he couldn’t chance it breaking free and harming someone he cared about. It had been what he was taught all his life—‘Keep the beast at bay’.
Not only had Margareta and Henry explained what he was, they also told him that shape shifters were feral, carnivorous beasts that preyed on the innocent. He was told if he ever let it free, it would not only take over his very soul, but hurt anyone who got in its way. There was no way Alex could chance that. His parents may have been fanatics, but they had also taken care of him and given him love. They were all he had ever known.
It wasn’t until they passed away last summer that he decided to find out who and what he really was. He just hoped this wasn’t all an enormous mistake.

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