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Friday, March 11, 2011

I Don't Know What I'm Talking About Anymore!

I suppose you think you do?
Take a look at these definitions found on

WOOT - An interjection similar to "YAYE!" or "Woohoo!" used to express joy or excitement, usually about some kind of accomplishment.
BUT, did you know:
As an acronym, can mean Waste of Our Time or Way Out of Topic
Woot originated as a hacker term for root (or administrative) access to a computer.
"w00t" was originally a truncated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for "Wow, loot!"

SQUEE – To squeal with glee; from a combination of the two words; the sound of an excited fangirl.
BUT, did you know:
SQUEE is a comic made by Jhonen Vasquez. It's all about a boy name Todd (nicknamed Squee for the sound he makes when he's scared) and the horrible things that happen to him, like alien abductions or having the Devil's son as a friend.

YAY - Used as an exclamation of pleasure, approval, elation, or victory.
BUT, did you know:
Yay is slang for Cocaine, popular in California's Bay Area.

LOL - It's original definition was "Laughing out loud" (also written occasionally as "Lots of Laughs"), used as a brief acronym to denote great amusement in chat conversations.
BUT, did you know:
Depending on the chatter, its definition may vary. The list of its meanings includes, but is not limited to:
1) "I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation."
2) "I'm too lazy to read what you just wrote so I'm typing something useless in hopes that you'll think I'm still paying attention."
3) "Your statement lacks even the vaguest trace of humor but I'll pretend I'm amused."
4) "This is a pointless acronym I'm sticking in my sentence just because it's become so engraved into my mind that when chatting, I MUST use the meaningless sentence-filler 'lol.'"

Noob vs Newb - Contrary to the belief of many, a noob/n00b and a newbie/newb are not the same thing. Newbs are those who are new to some task* and are very beginner at it, possibly a little overconfident about it, but they are willing to learn and fix their errors to move out of that stage. n00bs, on the other hand, know little and have no will to learn any more. They expect people to do the work for them and then expect to get praised about it, and make up a unique species of their own.
A noob or n00b is someone that lacks intelligence or common sense, most people think that noob is a word used only in the online gaming world, but in reality it is becoming an ever-popular word with teenage society.

1) A great word to shout out.
2) A woman's vagina.
3) A blow to the face or genitalia.
4) Used by Tweety.
5) An offensive term for a person.
6) Acronym for The War Against Terrorism.
7) A derogatory term for a person whose behavior is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic.
8) To strike someone (this definition is almost certainly of Northern English origin).

WOOHOO - Extreme satisfaction. There is really no other way to say it. Famous from use on The Simpsons.
BUT, did you know:
Woohoo is a term for "sex" in the Sims 2 simulation game. In order to keep it rated "T" for teen, Maxis needed to use "woohoo" instead of "sex".

ROFL is an Internet acronym for Rolling On Floor Laughing, and like all things Internet it has adapted to nerd culture and has taken on new real-life use, though usually in a satirical way.

While Internet definitions of words continue to evolve, or devolve depending on your viewpoint, I offer my latest personal favorite:
ROFLAARP: Rolling On Floor Looking At Assorted Rodent Pornography.

So, am I the only one who doesn't know what he's talking about anymore?

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