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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gremlins by S.D. Grady

A great many things in my life have inspired me. Perhaps movies could be counted near the top. It wasn’t always happy ever after, for me. As a child, I adored the old creature feature films, many where shadows were the source of all fear. I watched Mel Brooks’ classic High Anxiety and loved all the imagery, camera angles and hidden characters…all spoofs of the greatest master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.

Thus when I decided to embark upon an erotic story that featured gremlins—those unseen creatures that live in the wiring—it should not surprise anyone that I placed the book in an old movie house. How many tales of fear and love crossed that silver screen in its heyday? And what of the old wiring? Does it keep memories of lights and passion?

The Silver Scream is not a tale of happy ever after, but perhaps lives closer to those suspense films of old where a great many things will happen in the course of time, many of them evil. This tale releases August 10th at Purple Sword Publications, and you will find it available at most major ebook outlets shortly thereafter.


Trapped in the wiring for decades, this Gremlin desires but one thing…and he can’t have her.

BLURB: Film school student, Gilda Albright, has taken a job in the newly refurbished Orpheum Theatre as a movie projectionist. The gem from another era prompts her imagination to take flight, and she invites her boyfriend Seth to a private screening. Looking like a movie star from the 50’s, she strips in the spotlight, ensnaring Seth’s lust and drawing the eager eyes of another to her buxom figure. The building takes on a life of its own—fear invades Gilda’s workdays. Will the unseen gremlin let her go or fulfill its erotic obsession with a vision from the past?

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  1. I'm a bit late to the party, had to comment. The plot of this story is intriguing. I'm a film buff and this book is now on the top tier of my TBR list!

  2. The party never officially begins until you arrive, KB. Thank you!