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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brita Addams - Not Quite Naked, But Clearly Revealed.

Brita Addams' writing is hot!
I'm truly pleased Brita agreed to appear here today, even though she wouldn't take her clothes off for the interview. So much for any really revealing information.

Brita has also agreed to give away to random commentors copies of her two books. Yay, Brita! One copy of each of her books will be given away today.

Thank you so much David for asking me over to your place. I feel quite at home here.

KevaD) Why did you choose to write under a pen name, and how did you decide what name to use?
Brita) I suppose my answer isn't much different than most people's, but here it is. Though my family is grown, I wasn't sure how they'd feel about me writing erotic romance. They encouraged me to write, but I know they never considered that Mom would be writing about horny aristos in Regency England.
I wrote Serenity's Dream and when it got down to the wire, that being submission time, I talked to my husband and he agreed that maybe I should do it under a name other than my own. Sooo, I cheated, just a bit and chose my middle name, one I'd rarely used in my life, save for when I was younger and my mother invoked both my first and middle name when I'd done something to really tick her off. *Who? Moi?*
Having decided on Brita (pronounced as the name Rita, not like the water filter), I needed a surname. My adorable husband's middle name is Adam and it seemed a natural, with some additions – and voila, I became Brita Addams.
When it was all said and done – my children thought the pen name idea was silly, as they are all busting their buttons that Mom had fulfilled her dream of being a published author, but Brita was born and is thriving quite nicely. I kind of like the old gal anyway, so I'll keep her around. 
KevaD) Writing fiction, erotic or otherwise, takes a writer out of their everyday life and comfort zone. To go there, writers usually insert themselves in one familiar place. I know one author who actually does his best writing in Starbucks. Another rented a room above a garage two blocks from her house. Where do you write?
Brita) I write in the living room, during the day, in complete silence, save for the air conditioner blowing, the sound of my typing or someone else in the house stirring. I have adopted one end of the sofa as my home base, along with the back of the sofa, which holds two file boxes of index cards filled with plots, characters and research and a stack of papers that, honestly, I have no idea why they are there or even what they are. My end table is laden with more index cards, pop up notes, paper clips, my camera, a pretty pen holder, my coffee warmer and my "Brita Addams" box my oldest daughter made for me to celebrate the release of Serenity's Dream, my first book.
Inside the box are mementos that she put in there for inspiration, such as an antique quill and holder, cut glass ink bottle and a match box car (don’t ask J)
The center cushion on the sofa is loaded with current projects (there are several) and the arm of the love seat, which sits adjacent to the sofa is usually burdened with papers, folders and my ever-present calendar.
I call the room my writing cave, as it has no windows and I write with only my table lamp on. My little muse, Fiona, our Maltipoo puppy, can often be found laying next to me and I, my friend, have found my bliss. 
KevaD) How do you juggle home, career, family, and writing?
Brita) Thankfully, as I said, my children are grown, with children of their own. I didn't write for years because of those obligations, and now, while I'm doing it, I just can't imagine trying to accomplish my goals when my time and attention was so badly needed elsewhere.
I've been a stay at home wife and mom for most of my adult life, so a career has never been a factor. Now that I write full-time, I'm on a first name basis with the dust bunnies that run rampant in the house. My husband cooks, takes care of the puppy and our cranky, old fat cat, but dusting is not his thing. We scramble when we have company, but otherwise, we set another place at the table for Frank and Henry and their families of hundreds, and forge ahead. No one has ever come in to steal my dust, so I think we're okay.
Writing – I write seven days a week. My husband and I are on vastly different sleep schedules – he stays up till four or five in the morning and I get up at about 6:30 every day. That gives me many hours to write before he's up, but even then, he has things that keep him busy.
We have date day once a week and that is sacrosanct. We've done that for most of our marriage and I wouldn't give that up for all the writing time in the world. 
KevaD) If your soul mate cooked you the ultimate sensual dinner, what would be on the menu?
Brita) I've been married for many years to the most wonderful man in the world. He is truly my soul mate. He knows me better than anyone and loves me anyway and it's my privilege to be his wife. I am also very fortunate that he is a marvelous cook and enjoys doing it.
For me, food is food and anything he cooks is a delight. I've truly never thought of a meal as being sensuous, maybe because I spend all day in varying degrees of sensual warmth as I'm writing it. J
My favorite meal that he cooks is stuffed bell peppers. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! We always have a salad with dinner, and he always makes his own salad dressing. Yeah, that definitely trips my trigger.  
KevaD) What's next for you? Are you considering new characters in a new setting?
Brita) I have entered into the realm of contemporary erotic romance with my m/m novella, Free Me. The sequel, In His Arms will come out at Amber Allure on August 7, then the print compilation will be out in mid-September. I had a great time writing contemporary, as I was able to be a bit freer in my language.
With my historicals, I try always to give voice the period speak, if you will, which I believe adds to the flavor of the stories. Historicals are my first love though, and I'm just finishing up a novella set in 1815. Some people like the "old fashioned" language and some don't, but I think if I'm going to write an historical, I want it to be more than a costume drama.
I will be a part of Noble Romance's November Timeless Desire Blog Tour, and two of my stories will appear in the two anthologies. I've written the m/f one and call it, "An Evening at the Starlight." It has a '40's feel, though a contemporary and may surprise some of my readers.
I'm still in promotion mode with my two latest releases, Free Me at Amber Allure and The Rogue's Salvation for Noble Romance. I love both these stories, though they are so vastly different.
I have another het historical erotic romance, Demands of the Heart in the hands of my editor at Noble Romance, and I expect to see that one out in the fall.
I have many projects ahead, in varying degrees of completion. Writers block isn't something I've ever been afflicted with, thankfully.

Thank you David, for having me over today. I enjoyed the coffee and cinnamon rolls and you are a very gracious host.
I'd love for people to visit me at My Web Site or they can drop me a note at My Email. I love hearing from folks who read my stories. I'm also around on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks again and hugs. This has been great fun. Here's an excerpt from Free Me and one from The Rogue's Salvation. Hope you enjoy them.
Free Me:
Bryan paced and made to leave several times as he waited. He’d touched nothing in Phil’s cabin; instead, he’d spent most of his time staring out the porthole at the sparkling water under a full, golden moon and wondered if he was doing the wise thing.
When he heard the lock engage in the door, he turned toward the sound. Phil strode into the room and took Bryan’s breath away. The man was beautiful. There was promise in his smile. He could only imagine giving himself over to this man, as he relinquished his will and allowed someone else to think for him. The idea sounded like heaven, at least, in the short term.
Phil stood in the middle of the room, his legs braced, his arms down at his sides. Bryan wasn’t sure if he should speak, so chose silence. He trusted Phil would guide him through this initial awkwardness. The first order came almost as the decision to be silent was made.
“Come, stand before me.” Phil’s voice was low, but demanding.
Without hesitation, Bryan said, “Yes, sir.”
“You must always lower your gaze in my presence, unless I give you permission to the contrary.”
Bryan did as instructed. He could smell the wine on Phil’s breath and he had an inexplicable urge to kiss the taste off Phil’s lips.
The thought, however, was erased with Phil’s stern words. “Raise your arms above your head.”
As though of their own accord, Bryan’s arms rose and his fingers locked, making him feel more vulnerable than he’d expected.
Phil placed a warm hand on Bryan’s cheek and traced his cheekbone with his thumb. Bryan resisted the temptation to lean into the touch or even close his eyes, but it felt so good to receive the intimacy.
“What is it you expect of me, Bryan?”
The question came out of left field and it rocked him. Of all he’d thought about since he’d last seen Phil, he’d not once thought of what he expected. Rather, he’d wondered what Phil would expect of him and had long since concluded he’d gladly give the man whatever he wanted.
Again, gently, Phil said, “Tell me.”
Bryan’s mind stumbled across words like “fuck” and “suck” and “spank,” but somehow he couldn’t say them. Finally, he settled on, “I want whatever it is you expect of me.”
Phil leaned in and his warm breath bathed Bryan’s ear as he whispered, “Good answer. If you remember that, we’ll get along nicely.”
Phil stepped behind him, his hands never leaving Bryan’s body as he touched, rubbed and glided over his ass clad in imported cotton, and then stopped. Only when he was sure Phil couldn’t see his face did Bryan dare close his eyes.
His cock hardened and his mind raced with any number of suggestions as to what Phil could do with those hands, yet he sensed Phil had the situation well under control.
Phil snaked his arms around Bryan’s body and undid his belt. As the leather slid through the loops, Bryan’s imagination went wild. Soon, he heard a crack and wondered if Phil had actually doubled his belt and snapped it.
“Unfasten your pants and let them drop to the floor.”
Bryan’s arms felt heavy as he lowered them and unbuttoned his white Ralph Lauren’s. He struggled to control his breathing, as he felt himself being ensnared in Phil’s web of seduction. As he nudged his pants over his hips, he felt the leather of what he assumed was his own belt on his ass—his naked ass, as he abhorred wearing underwear of any kind.
His cock was rock hard, angled, straight, and ready for action. Phil drew the belt up the length of Bryan’s crack, and Bryan feared losing what control he’d managed to exert. He’d never been seduced with such care, with such mystery, and it felt damn good. Then everything seemed to stop. Bryan felt Phil’s absence, as he was left standing, untouched, his pants at his ankles. He heard a noise. Something heavy being dragged, but he didn’t dare turn to look...
The buy link is: Amber Quill Press
Here's an excerpt from The Rogue's Salvation:

 Chapter One
London, 1820
The late afternoon sun shone through the pristine window of Madame Bridgette's milliner's salon, and reflected off the gilded mirror at the dressing table. Thomasine Littlebury had sat in the same spot for three hours, trying on one bonnet after another, unable to decide upon any with conviction.
The moment she'd entered the salon, she'd taken on the air of one born to nobility, which she decidedly had not. However, the establishment of Madame Bridgette made her feel as though she had and after all, from her bearing, could anyone detect she wasn't the daughter of duke, rather than the owner of a shipping company?
While her mother attempted to patronize a shop of lesser quality, for money's sake, Thomasine would have none of it. Madame Bridgette's salon bore the finest of furnishings—brocaded sofas, gilt sconces with beeswax candles, highly polished tables and only the finest silks and laces. To have her society acquaintances see her in such a place was to her advantage.
In the mirror, Thomasine spied her mother by the door, checking the watch she carried in her reticule. Mama cleared her throat and when their eyes met, Mama gracefully tapped her timepiece.
"Mother, please, I'm not ready to leave." She tried not to whine to any great degree.
"We can come back at another time, dear. Either that, or you must make your choice now."
Thomasine dug her heels in, her ire raised. Two could play this game. After all, intense pressure always produced a diamond, did it not? 
"I'll be done when I'm done. You do want me to look my very best?"
"Of course I do, dear, but Madame Bridgette wishes to close her shop."
Ah, sweet victory. She'd learned at an early age to stall and generally try her parent's patience until they acquiesced. Her father had a much lower tolerance level. He'd just as soon spend as much money as necessary and be done with it. Though her mother gave in eventually, she kept her guessing at the outcome until the very end. 
"You look lovely in all of them, darling."
Thomasine grinned, her goal within her grasp. "Of course I do, Mother." 
"Really, dear, your father will be worried that we've been gone so long."
"I simply cannot make up my mind, and you aren't helping me in the slightest. Should I choose the green bonnet with the yellow ostrich feather or the yellow bonnet with the green ostrich feather?"
"Dear, there are but subtle differences in the two."
"I'm more than aware of that fact, but the wrong choice will ruin my perfect yellow silk gown." With a flicked her wrist, dismissed the thought.
This exercise was all about money and Thomasine felt obligated to play her role in the little drama. Mama held the purse strings and made every attempt to keep her daughter within a reasonable budget. Thomasine felt duty bound to stretch the limits. She couldn't help herself. Her father had indulged her every whim and, to her shame and extreme pleasure, Thomasine had taken advantage of his openhandedness.
She did, however, realize how hard her father worked. He was away from home from morn to night, tending to his work at Griffiths & Littlebury Shipping. But was one truly required to refuse an offer of new clothes or jewelry simply to appear to be grateful for other things? As a respectable young woman, she naturally thought more to her mien than to charity. Should the fact that her father was not of noble birth ever cease to be a factor in her choice of husband, it was her duty to show herself to her best advantage.
Her mother cleared her throat and interrupted her thoughts yet again.
"Mother, you are everything but helpful."
Mama huffed and retrieved a lace handkerchief from her reticule.
Thomasine placed the yellow straw hat atop her head. She fussed with her hair and adjusted the dark green plume, which just graced her chin. "Simply perfect, but for the infernal tickling."
"We could furnish you with a shorter feather, Miss Littlebury," one clerk said.
"Don't be such a foolish girl," Thomasine snapped. "This feather frames my face to perfection." She smiled at her image. As long as she looked fetching, a bit of discomfort mattered not.
Thomasine twisted her head to one side and then the other, as she examined the result from every conceivable angle. She then repeated the process with the green straw bonnet with the yellow plume.
"Mother, I simply cannot decide."
On a breath resembling one a bellows would have expelled, her mother said, "Well, darling, then you must have both."
Thomasine gazed at her mother and swallowed a smile of self-satisfaction.
Even so, Thomasine knew better than to underestimate her mother. The woman's acquiescence was as great a concession as her mother would be willing to allot. In an effort to push her mother to her absolute limits, she'd press further for a new gown or two, but Thomasine was almost sure she'd just heard the distinct sound of her mother closing the purse.
Circumstances forced her to take her victories as they came, though pressing for another wasn't foreign to her nature. "Come, Mother, we must go to Madame Devalcourt's salon. I have my eye on a lovely blue muslin walking gown."
With steely eyes of determination, her mother said, "Enough for today, Thomasine. We will now go home."
The use of her name indicated Mama had indeed reached her limit. To show her feigned unwillingness to acquiesce, Thomasine raised her head skyward, her nose firmly in the air. "Come then, heaven forbid should Papa's dinner be late."
* * * * *
Over their after-dinner brandy, Myles Cunningham's brother Peter droned on about the importance of responsibility, though Myles' attention was focused somewhere beyond the bounds of the library or even the house.
This lecture came every month, along with the stipend Peter so generously provided, the only source of income Myles had ever known. To have been born the son of the generous Marquess of Feversham was good fortune in the extreme. However, the tide of indulgence at no price had turned with the demise of their esteemed father and foisted the mantle of Myles' upkeep upon Peter's shoulders. All had been well, until Peter had also assumed the paternal role instead of one with less entitlement to monthly rants.
"You must mind your money better, Myles," Peter said, not in an angry tone particularly, but with ever-increasing urgency. 
"If you'd only see your way clear to increase my monthly allotment, I feel sure I could live within my means, but you've strangled me."
"Is this called strangulation?" Peter flung a sheaf of papers at him. "You've purchased new suits of clothes, new hats, even a saddle, and charged all to my accounts."
Myles bent to retrieve the papers and stacked them neatly on his brother's desk. "You certainly don't expect me to entertain myself and take care of the most mundane of needs on this small amount. Really, Peter, Father was considerably more generous than you. I should think, in his memory, you would take care of these few necessities."
"I expect you to act in a responsible fashion and not be a continual embarrassment to this family and yourself."
Sensing appeasement was his safest course, Myles feigned concession. "I shall attempt to do better."
"You say those same words each month, and yet, I receive more and more demands."
Myles knew he should feel something other than fear that the wrong word could put an end to his heretofore easy run of things. Peter wasn't a man to challenge, particularly when he held the key to one's future. But Myles had always thought his position as his mother's favorite son was her way of compensating for his unfortunate birth order. He'd enjoyed the finest of clothes, horses, and had, by his own admission, grown to be an aimless creature who enjoyed pugilism, drinking fine brandy, and bedding women, though not necessarily in that particular order.
"Next month I don't want to have to repeat this discussion," Peter said, and left the room, mumbling under his breath and shaking his head.
Myles whispered, "But you will," sure if they were said aloud, those might be the words to push Peter to truly strangle him.
He paced the room, not so much out of worry, for he had his allowance, but with something deeper in mind. Was this all there would ever be to his life? Could he ever marry, and if so, how would he provide? At five and twenty, he'd come to realize the folly of his wasted years, and yet, God help him, he saw no other way to conduct himself.
Employment was out of the question; he was skilled at nothing and had no ambition. No, he was a man meant to enjoy the finer things in life.
Myles checked his pocket watch. Thank heaven Peter hadn't made him late. With that thought in mind, he too left the room and made his way to the mews.
Within the hour, he'd be at the Sapphire Club, where he was to meet his friend, Henry Froste. With luck, the pleasures he found there would make him forget the pangs of unreasonable guilt.
* * * * *
"Good evening, Mr. Cunningham, so nice to see you again."
"Good evening, Hampton," Myles replied, his gaze never falling upon the butler. "I see there's no lack of activity tonight."
"No, sir, there isn't. May I take your hat and coat?"
"Of course." Myles slipped his greatcoat off, and handed it and his tall beaver to the older man.
"Have a wonderful evening, sir," Hampton said as he padded off with Myles' outerwear.
"That I will."
He found his way to the large reception room just off the entrance hall, and stood in the arched entrance for several minutes, surveying the room. This was the place where all members of the club gathered upon arriving. The beauty of the club was that each member visited for much the same reason—discreet sexual assignations of varying intensity.
Myles smiled at Lord Beaton, a nob of considerable proportions who rather enjoyed a bit of slap and tickle with the young women in attendance. Lucien Damrill, the owner of the club, employed men and women who enjoyed giving of themselves in a sexual way. Many spent several evenings at the club in St. John's Wood and the rest of the week at Madame Monique's House of Pleasure. Both provided whores of the highest caliber; Damrill would have it no other way.
Widows, widowers, and married couples populated a goodly portion of the room, as even the elite required something additional by way of sexual thrills. Single, discriminating gentlemen accounted for the rest of the assemblage. Men like himself, who couldn't satisfy their needs elsewhere, given their taste for the perverse.
Many in attendance were already salivating over Fortune, the club's most popular purveyor of sexual favors. He'd fucked her often, but had grown bored long ago. She smiled, he nodded politely, then she returned to her conversation with Lord Falmouth.
Myles took a proffered glass of brandy, served in the club's signature snifter, the stem resembling the torso of a naked woman. He greeted several people he knew as he waded through the crush.
"The place is at capacity tonight," he said as he clapped Henry on the shoulder.
"Indeed it is, and how are you this fine evening, Myles?"
"Flush and of a mind to partake of the pleasures found herein."
"Such flowery prose, so unlike you, old man."
"Is it?" Myles scanned the room, having previously noticed several prospective partners. "Is he here?"
Henry sighed. "Not so loud. Yes, he's here."
Myles leaned into his friend and found Henry trembling. "Are you nervous? Have you spoken to him?"
"Well, of course I'm nervous. Indeed, Myles."
"Indeed, what? Are you meeting him?" Myles draped his arm over Henry's shoulder and tugged him in closer. Poor man was rather shy, and had only recently come to acknowledge that, sexually, he preferred the company of men to women. At the same time, he'd admitted to Myles a fantasy that involved a flogger and a handsome man, which had brought him to the Sapphire Club this night.
"Yes, at eleven. You'll be there, won't you? I don't believe I could do this if you weren't."
Myles took out his pocket watch. "I know that." And Myles did. He and Henry had been the closest of friends for most of their lives. Henry looked up to him, something, upon examination, he'd never quite understood. Though Henry had come to the Sapphire Club many times, he’d done little but stand in this very room, watching the ebb and flow, as partners found each other and made their way to the rooms to experience sexual fulfillment.
On the rare occasions they'd had more than enough brandy to encourage them, they'd made their way to one of the many viewing rooms. From there, they'd watched the domination of one man over another. Henry had invariably fidgeted in his chair until he seemed to burst with arousal. "I wish to be flogged and then fucked," he'd said, but left the club without satisfying his desire.
Myles had tried to take his friend's words in stride, although the idea of having his arse flayed had never set his cock hard or his mind to thoughts of fucking. "Flogged, you say?"
"I wish to experience it. I find myself rock hard and wishing I was the man bent over, arse in the air, howling for all I'm worth."
"Henry, your desire far outweighs your common sense."
"Be that as it may, I wish it."
Evidently, the thought hadn't left Henry's mind, because just a week past, he had repeated the sentiment. Myles had then encouraged the assignation tonight.
The Sapphire Club provided a safe place for men like Henry to seek out agreeable partners. The club's policy of keeping the happenings of the club at the club gave many men with Henry's tastes the courage to seek satisfaction rather than stand on the periphery of everyone else's fantasies.
Myles looked at his watch and found it was nearly the appointed hour. "What do you know about him?"
Henry bowed his head, his shyness apparently getting the better of him. "His name is Declan Eddy. He's a member of the club and has agreed to see me this evening. What else is there to know?"
"I suppose you will learn all there is to learn. Come then, my friend. Your destiny awaits."
As they walked up the stairs to the second floor, Myles found himself envious of his friend. The man sought out what he wanted, reservations or not. Henry had often advised him to do the same, though what he wanted was unknown even to him.
"This is the room." Henry's brow glistened with sweat and his face looked as though he wore a mask of grief.
"Your choice, old man. You don't have to do this."
Those seemed to be the words Henry needed to hear. His demeanor changed; he squared his shoulders and picked up his chin. "Oh, but I do." He winked and a smile played at the corners of his mouth.
Myles nodded, and Henry placed his hand on the door handle and let himself in. When the door closed, Myles went to a small viewing room just down the hall and made himself comfortable. He had an excellent view of Henry and his Mr. Declan Eddy.
The buy link for The Rogue's Salvation is: Noble Romance Publishing


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  4. Brita... pronounced like... Rita? Wait. You mean all this time I've been saying your name ... wrong?

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    Hi Amara, my sweet girl! Funny story about that Rita business. I was actually named for an old girl friend of my father's. (I didn't ask and he didn't tell!:)) Well, all my life it was Brita, as in Rita. A few years ago, I was shopping in J.C. Penney's and the clerk wore a badge that said, plain as day, BRITA. Having never come across anyone with that name, I had to mention that I was Brita as well, by virtue of my middle name. It was then she told me that she was from Sweden and she pronounced it Brit-a. Hmm, says I. Then the water filter people copped the name and made me grateful for my father's pronunciation of it. Sounds softer my way, no?

    Hubby wouldn't appreciate the spanking paddle nearly as much as my characters do, David. I really wasn't trying to fool anyone, no one ever asked! :))

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  8. Oh, BTW, I started Free Me finally, totally enjoying it. :D I have the day off tomorrow and can't wait to finish it.

  9. Hi Mrs. Addams! I've heard good things about your work but I unfortunately haven't had a chance (or the money) to pick up one of your books, I hope to correct that as soon as I have a chance!

    Great interview by the way, I just had a small question for you if that's ok? I know your kids were out of the house when you started writing so that wasn't much of a factor. But I was wondering, when you first started writing how did you stay focused?

  10. Hi Gabby,

    Great question. For me, I was quite determined to write, having put it off for many years for one reason or another. I always wrote, but it was for my own enjoyment really and I've always kept journals, documenting my kids lives and the like.

    I'm goal oriented and I wanted to write for a purpose, so for me focus wasn't difficult. I did however, give up daytime TV, which had been something I'd watched literally all my life. I'd start with news in the morning, soaps, Oprah, Dr. Phil and news in the evening, which led into nighttime TV. Now, our living room TV doesn't come on until 5, when we settle in for the evening and my writing day is officially over.

    I set a daily goal and sometimes I fall short, but I make a valiant effort to fulfill it. Most days, I am pretty happy with what I've done.

    Thanks for asking, hon, and I'd be honored to have you amongst my readers.

    Amara - so sorry darlin'. B-Rita it is.

  11. Brita, You know how much I adore your writing style and you. Judging from the excerpts, you continue to show off your amazing talent. And since you published the photo of your writing cave, I know what to get you for Christmas. A voucher for the chiropractor. How in hell's bells name can you sit on the sofa and write on a laptop? LOL Best wishes on all your projects and thanks for being such a terrific friend.


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    Thank you for your kind words, hon. I count myself fortunate to have you as a friend. Thank you for you kinds words re: me and my work. Right back at you, sweets.


  14. Great interview. Then WHAM!! the excerpts were WONDERFUL!! You are officially on my list.


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