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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Desire Damned - by KevaD

My erotic, historical, paranormal, gay, romantic thriller (can we fit in any more adjectives?) is due to be released October 24th by Noble Romance Publishing as part of their Timeless Desire Line.

Satan wants the warrior Taka to bow before him. But Taka bows to no one except his gentle lover Har.
For thousands of years the two men have been doomed to a life of torment. While one walks the earth, the other suffers under the devil's lash. Their only respite is an occasional night; a random, beautiful, love-filled night, knowing that with the dawn one of them must die in battle and return to Satan's wrath.
On the war-torn fields of Gettysburg the two lovers are reunited once again. But this time something beyond Hell's reach has happened. Something so wondrous, Satan may finally get his wish.

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