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Monday, October 31, 2011

Catherine's Toys III - by KevaD

Oh, yeah. Weirdness and crazy abound in the third installment of the Catherine's Toys serial.

Thanks to everyone who has followed this dark, erotic, and psychotic tale.

Catherine suspects Larry the security guard knows she's the one sexually assaulting hospital patients.

Casey just wants to have sex with somebody. Please? And if he gets to kill that "somebody" afterward, all the better.

Catherine comes up with a plan that will take care of both of their needs.


Casey gagged on his bite of pepperoni pizza. The heat of the ground peppers he'd scattered over the extra cheese didn't come close to the burning in his ears. He gulped a swig of soda to clear his throat and quickly glanced around the pizza parlor for any gawkers staring at their booth. No one seemed to have noticed, but he kept his unwelcome surprise to a whisper. "What'd you say?" Catherine really hadn't just publically outed him, had she?

"I think that hospital security guard, Larry, has a crush on you." Catherine's voice contained an unnerving mix of taunt and mockery. "Why don't you call him up and invite him to join us." Her tone plunged to wicked sneer. "He's got a really nice looking tush. Maybe I should let him play in my toy box."

Anger bubbled in Casey's belly amongst the gas pockets from the pizza. He opened his mouth—and belched.

"Oh!" Catherine scrunched her face like a pug dog. "You are so gross." She waved her hand as if to fan away the varnish-stripping stench. "And you wonder why I won't fuck your fat ass? Good God! You'd probably fart in my face if I gave you a blowjob."

"Bitch," he growled, once again looking around the room for any voyeurs to this conversation he'd never hoped to have, but the scant few other patrons' focus seemed riveted on their meals. Odd, he'd thought there more customers when he'd arrived. "You stay away from Larry."

Her brown eyes glowed eerily in conjunction with the devil's smile that curled the corners of her lips.

Shit. He'd screwed up big time. Now Catherine knew that even though Casey loved her, he'd found something in Larry that interested him enough to want to keep the attraction a secret from her.

Catherine ran her soft, plump hand up and down Casey's trousers-covered thigh. "I'm only teasing. Relax."

A crisp pang of disappointment jabbed the back of his skull. "You mean Larry doesn't like me?"

She moved her hand to his knee where she massaged each bump and depression. "You really do have a thing for him. Well, well." She finger-walked her way up the inside of his leg. Her words came throaty and harsh.
"Ever got a hard-on thinking about him, Casey?" Her hand stopped at the top of his thigh.

With a finger she traced the outline of his penis; the slight pressure awoke his fantasies—Larry naked and chained to his bed.

 "What about right now? What if Larry was here, would you get hard if this was his finger on your little dick?"

Arousal was imminent, blood rushed into his soft cock, and his growing erection shifted position. Casey pushed Catherine's hand away and nervously looked around the room for the third time, but the patrons' and the staffs' attentions were glued anywhere but toward Casey and Catherine.

"Stop it. Somebody will see and throw us out of here."

"Who are you worried about?" she asked in a snicker. "The teenage waitress with the perky tits? You like her tits, Casey? Maybe I should grab one when she walks by our table next time. She might like it. We'll never know if I don't try. Do you think the little bitch has a hairy cunt? I've never fucked a woman. Would you like to watch me eat her pussy, Casey? Maybe you'd like to suck her clit with me?"

"You're disgusting," he hissed between his teeth. "Knock it off. I'm not kidding."

"Ohh," she moaned, and cupped her hand over his groin. Catherine roughly slid her hand back and forth over his cock. "You're turning me on. I didn't know you could get so angry. I kind of like it." She gripped the fly to his zipper and tugged it open just a tad. "I think I'd like to fuck you. Right here. How about it, Casey? All these people watching us? Mmm. Let's fuck, right here in this booth. Come on, let's do it." She yanked his zipper completely open and maneuvered her fingers through the opening of his shorts.

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