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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Power of Muse & Inspiration - by Michael Mandrake

Michael Mandrake is one of the three writing muses and persona of Chicago's Sharita Lira, a woman and writer of incredible depth. 
Be sure to check out Rawiya and BL Moricia's books as well. Yep. Same person, totally different styles - all great.



No such thing as vampires! William Chatterley is an up and coming author looking for a partner after many dead end dates. Finally, he believes he’s found a suitable mate in Andrew and they see one another.

Jude the vampire is weak from being without love in his life. When he sees the author, he desires him right away but his companion is a stumbling block.

How will he get passed it and when he does, will the mortal want to be his partner? What will he choose? Will Jude convince him to become his eternal lover?



"Yes, yes, come to me my child!" Jude lay his head against a dead tree. He sensed two virile young men he might like to enjoy for a double entree. Since he couldn't have love why not fill up his belly with young blood for nourishment. He waved his long fingers and opened his eyes, gazing around the open field till he caught sight of the two he'd seen in his mind's eye.

As always the faces were skewed when he looked deep within to see his prey but now that they'd come into view, he noticed one he didn't want to destroy.

"Wha...I..." At a loss of words was Jude, gawking at the handsome man running away from another. "My, I've never seen in all my years a more gorgeous sight." That moment the old immortal felt his muscles strengthen and his face tightening. A new feeling of love and inspiration came over him.

A mortal, so lovely and beautiful, the desire to live started to return.

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  1. You are a doll. Thank you KevaD. I'm glad you loved the book!

  2. My pleasure!

    Yes, folks, I bought, read, and enjoyed this book. Left a review on Amazon as well.
    Give this story a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.