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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Slow Return to Skinny Dipping - by Tom Williams

Ellen Jackson grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia raised by her grandmother in a simple but loving home. With her own personal determination and grandmother's encouragement she went off to college working harder than everyone else overcoming the financial constraints she had experienced growing up. Fifteen years later with 70 + hour workweeks she was the sole owner of an empire built from the ground up based on health, wellness, and personal empowerment. She had gained all the accolades that come with success, wealth, celebrity, and material possesions, but there was this nagging feeling that something was desparately missing. The professional corporate facade Ellen Jackson portrayed was secretly still just a shy country girl longing to have a soul mate, someone to skinny dip in the New River with her. She longed for wide open spaces, the sun setting slowly behind the mountain tops,the sight of golden red fall leaves covering the river valley in the dewey grass, and the juicy sweetness of biting into a fresh grown apple.

The pressures of her career took their toll in a meeting one long cold New York day as a panic attack took her over with little warning. A wise company doctor ordered her to get some rest. Ellen hadn’t taken any time off in the past fifteen years but relented and followed the doctor’s advice. She ventured out to the vast white sandy beaches of Florida in an effort to regain the woman she once was. On a walk down a long stretch of beach with an approaching FL thunderstorm she met an enchanting stranger.

A slow return to skinny dipping is a contemporary love story mixed with humor, difficult challenges, interesting characters met along the way, and a growing realization that we all need other. Guts, faith, hard work, and committment can change any equation. Real love is out there right now. Will you toss away your preconceptions and find it?

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