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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Live Bait - by BL Bonita

At Second Paradise Resort, love and lust are put to the test.

Connie is desperate to re-spark the flames of her twenty-year marriage, and takes her husband, Jack, to a couple's retreat. But he's more interested in fishing the nearby river than pleasing his wife. Is it time to give up and just coast through the marriage, or will Connie pull out her best lure and hook him for good?


Connie squirmed. Her panties were soaked, her heart pounded, and, if the bastard sitting next to her kept going on in vivid detail about orgies and key parties, she might come then and there, right on that damn plastic chair.

She glanced around the counseling room, her face aflame. Wide eyes and animated grins filled her vision. Yes, they had all come to this resort to work out their marriage issues, but did they really need to hear the explicit details of other people banging?

A group of about thirty people sat in the counseling room, situated in the main lodge of Second Paradise Resort. Gathered in a half-circle around the resort counselor, the couples were trying to recapture or mend the passion in their relationships. Apparently, accomplishing that required a fee of fifteen-hundred dollars per couple and a week-long stay at the resort, located on a private bay along the shores of Lake Michigan.

After reading about the resort in a pamphlet given to her by a co-worker, she'd begged Jack to go, even threatened to leave him if he didn't. In the end, all it took to convince him to come was for reading the one paragraph stating the resort had the best trout fishing in Michigan.

She and Jack and the other participants had spent four days talking about their issues and getting to know the other couples.  In another three days, the retreat would come to an end. Something drastic needed to happen between now and then or the whole trip would turn into a horrible waste of money and time.

Of all the fucking . . . . Connie glanced in Jack's direction and glared at him. Jack, of course, didn't even look her way.

Well, at least the scenery was beautiful.

The resort was situated on a rocky embankment by the lake, and every window in the counseling room offered a picturesque view of sprawling white pines and dark blue waters beyond. The Second Paradise package also offered complimentary guided or unguided adventures—kayaking, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Each chalet had its own hot tub and sauna, and the guests could visit the masseuse whenever they desired.

Connie desired sex. Hard, uninhibited, dirty sex with her husband. That's it. Nothing challenging about that, except her husband, Jack, had become a prude with age. She'd be lucky to get laid above the covers once a month. But maybe it wasn't all his fault. She looked down at her lap and frowned, thinking that perhaps she was being too hard on him. Maybe she should be more insistent, demanding—exactly the kind of woman she didn't want to be. Men called women like that "nags." 

" . . . yeah, Isabelle likes to take two at the same time. I like to watch and stroke it."  The way the guy drawled the words made her skin tingle and her face burn with a blush.

Good lord. What's with this guy?

Connie cleared her throat and focused forward. She noticed Isabelle's gaze downcast and felt sorry for the poor woman. No wonder she didn't sit beside her man.

But why did he have to sit next to me? She'd never been so turned on in her life, but she'd never admit that to anyone. Hearing him speak so casually about his sexual escapades made her body heat and pulse with expectation. Her mind raced with naughty images while Jack sat mutely on her other side, his face crimson. He hadn't uttered a word since the couples were called for their session nearly an hour ago.

Unable to stop herself, she gazed down at her husband's crotch, knowing what lay beneath the safety of his well-worn jeans. When she looked up to his face, his dark gray gaze penetrated hers, making her feel a little dirty.

She wanted to drag him into a closet and get it on.