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Friday, February 10, 2012

Warriors' Woman - by Evanne Lorraine

Book one in the Seduction Mission series.

After a pandemic decimated the world’s population, life became a deadly game of survival, and Minka, a wary contestant. An ordinary woman caught in an extraordinary situation, she battles weather, feral gangs and dangerous armored men. While she appreciates the help of three sinfully sexy mech warriors, she’s not buying into their time-travel delusion.

Letting Minka continue her journey without their protection is unacceptable to the triad. But once in the safety of a remote cabin, their plan to simply win her cooperation backfires when the warriors fall into bed with her…and into love. Stranded in a hazardous past with Minka, they turn their powers to winning her heart with irresistible erotic pleasure.

Their safe haven doesn’t last long and the triad is forced to move Minka to their intended location. Although each man has special talents vital to her rescue, in the end their success depends on her willingness to accept the men as her own.


An Excerpt From: WARRIORS’ WOMAN
Copyright © EVANNE LORRAINE, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Minka struggled to lift her eyelids. Maybe they’d frozen shut. Winter in Wyoming was cold enough to freeze anything. Dimly, she realized someone carried her. He was warm and solid against her side and she was too tired to protest. She burrowed into his chest and recognized her personal transport—the intense one. He’d saved her life.

In no immediate danger, she drifted in and out of awareness secure his arms. She pictured her rescuers. The new group dressed like ski bums. Their clothes fit the weather better than the dude ranch visitors’ wardrobe choices, but not by much. These guys moved like predators, but something not quite normal nibbled on the edge of her conscious thought. Exactly what bothered her, besides their general hunkiness, and the delusional issue, she wasn’t sure.

She inhaled the delicious scent of the man carrying her, a sexy blend of woods, spice and clean, musky male. He smelled as good as he looked and that was saying a lot, because he fit her personal ideal of masculine beauty. Tall, muscular and powerful, the man was also graceful, brave and honorable. Or so she hoped. Then he had that whole dark and brooding thing going on she found so irresistible.

Of course, if she’d designed him he would have been incredibly hot for her. But in what passed for real life since the horrific pandemic, she still wasn’t the kind of woman who inspired men’s fantasies.

Sexy guy number one had arrived in the nick of time to save her. He’d shown up with his friends, sexy guy number two and sexy guy number three in the same kind of prototype vehicle as the first three men. Any resemblance between the two groups began with their rides, continued with their future trip delusions, and ended with their extra-intimidating size. The first guys had been attractive, as long as she didn’t look into their flat eyes, but they’d been stone-cold killers, definitely not turn-on material. The new hotties, with glints of arousal in their dark gazes, were a lot harder to resist. Their obvious interest sent sparks zinging to erogenous zones she’d thought dormant.

Where had these guys come from, hunk central? All three of them were hot enough to start their own fantasy show. They were also bossy—the one carrying her much more so than the other two. He was definitely the head jerk in charge.

To be honest, at least in the privacy of her own thoughts, his bossiness was more than a little hot. His Neanderthal approach was a tiny bit over the top. Although having three gorgeous guys dashing to her rescue and taking care of every little thing, like her inconvenient broken wrist and Nigel’s temporary death, made her feel all girly and mushy. A new experience for her. Even before the contagion, she’d been more the handsome hunk’s gal-pal type, never the princess.

She loved kids and in a perfect world would’ve had a large family. This world was about as far from perfect as possible. Even when there’d been millions of men to choose from, the few times she’d tried sex had been huge disappointments.

In her experience, men made terrific friends. She’d always been more tomboy than siren. Until a few hours ago, her sex drive had been missing in a long spell of non-action. Now after meeting three reality-challenged time travelers, her hormones decided to make up for lost time and kick into high gear.

Of course the men weren’t from the future, but they seemed sincere in their delusion.

Hey, she could overlook a minor issue or two. Since the pandemic, who was all that tightly wrapped? She talked to her cat. They believed in time travel. A bit of future tripping never hurt anyone and neither did her imagining something sexy happening between the four of them.

Whoa, three guys and her? Was that even possible? And they were big. Very big…all over? How would it feel to be totally filled, stretched and utterly satisfied?

Her eyelids weighed five pounds apiece. She let the darkness claim her again with a smile teasing the corners of her mouth.