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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Message for Ego-Stroking Authors

In my search for authors I might be interested in reading and ultimately interviewing, I visit a wide variety of social media sites. As such, I’ve been encountering some authors who openly refer to readers as ‘idiots, dolts, and dopes who should shut up and keep their opinions to themselves.’
Don’t get me wrong; the vast majority of authors are fantastic people. They write because they can’t stop. Every word, every story is a piece of these authors’ hearts and souls they gladly share with the world. But, being human, and an avid reader, I do notice the rotten apples spoiling on self-constructed podiums of deluded grandeur, shouting their disdain of the readers who have yet to comprehend the author’s magnificence.
So, here’s my personal message to any author who truly believes that stroking their ego is far more important than satisfying readers with the best story a writer can produce:
You’re an asshat.

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