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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sins of the Sparrow - by KB Cutter

Once again KB Cutter displays his unwavering ability to draw the reader into a dark and sensual world.
I hope you enjoy this quick look at his latest short story.

Two women from diverse backgrounds cross paths. One finds unexpected love and the other comes face to face with her dark destiny.

Nothing is ever what it appears to be.

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"I am dying."

impossible." The girl said, voice low, whispering.
She could hear a gasp escape from the girl's throat. A muted cry that would have sent shivers up her spine; nipples pebbling, heat blossoming in her loins.

If she still drew breath.

"That is . . .
'Yes, Governess, I am aware of your power.'

The woman traced her tongue over her lips, her eyes shone as if oil

'Aware? How droll. You should be afraid, very afraid, my tight bodied fuck toy. The only reason blood still courses in your veins and I have not drained every drop of it is your talent.'

The Governess arched a brow. Her gaze lingered on the generous swell of
the girl's breasts.

Aside from the endowments of your flesh, my sweet. However, your body only pleases me so much; your blood can only satiate my hunger for so long. My need is great, ravenous as my appetites, of both the sanguine and carnal. You have been complacent. That is not wise. I may not be dying in the sense of the decomposition of the body, but of the spirit. Of the black energy, that sustains my existence. I am poised to transform into an Ancient Immortalis. However, I shall not go gently into the Eternal Slumber. I do not wish to relive my past through dreams, awaiting the Epoch of Resurrection.'

The woman savored the girl's reaction, running her tongue over her teeth,
gaze roaming the girl's lithe body. Bare thighs trembling, skin goose fleshed. She knew her voice caressed the nubile girl's ears with warm velvet sensuality. The words spoken fire in her mind, molten heat in her sex, fear raised her flesh as desire ached in her body.

The woman smiled.

It was a grin devoid of mirth. This she knew, innately. All from the girl's scent.

"My sweet, breathtakingly dense play thing, your intellect is compromised
by your humanity, as is your sexuality. I can effortlessly invade and manipulate both."

The girl shivered. Her breasts swelled, bits of pink flesh became daggers.

She whirled around with disconcerting agility. The girl blinked, taking a
step back, the neurologic synapses slowly registering the fact the woman was now facing her, only a hair's breadth distance between them.


  1. Damn. Who is this Cutter guy? I think my readers need to meet him Dave. What about it?

  2. Oooh, I'm sure that can be arranged, Cornelle.
    I'll give KB your email addy.
    KB's a truly good person. Yes, your readers will adore him.