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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JS Wayne - Author of Ancient Magic and Dancing on Flames

JS Wayne is graciously spending some time with us today.
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Thank you, JS, and thank you all for dropping in today.

Q) How do you juggle home, career, family, and writing?

A) *Laughs* Writing is both day job and passion for me, so I can scratch half that list off the bat. I’m lucky in that my wife takes care of the house so I can focus on my work.
As far as family, well . . . I’ve gotten a couple of emails and messages asking if I was still alive. Writing’s a business, and I treat myself as a small business owner, which means brutal hours and almost complete isolation while I create the stories my readers want to see.

Q) Silk or satin sheets? What color? Why?

A) I’ve always found black or purple silk to be the sexiest thing to sleep on. Put on some candles around the room so that the sheets gleam like wet ink or the surface of a deep pool and your lover’s lying there, pale against the dark silk . . . mmmm. A glass of wine, a slow seductive kiss, with the smooth fabric against your skin; doesn’t get any better than that!

Q) What have you had to sacrifice to become a writer?

A) There’s an old saying: “You can have ambition, or happiness. Not both.” I’ve sacrificed my leisure time, a few friendships, and my family often wonders if I’m still alive. Just about every waking moment of my day is consumed by getting words on paper and getting my name out in front of the reading public. When I’m not doing either of the above, I’m plotting and planning more ways to get the attention of potential readers.
Writing is a career, and every writer who wants to be successful at it is an entrepreneur in their own right. That means long hours, long days, and cutting down on anything that’s not essential to getting the word out. People, when they read a writer’s work, often don’t realize just what goes into the actual WORK of writing. If they did, pirate sites would dry up overnight. It’s a hard, solitary career, but I’ll tell you right now: If you’re strong enough, it’s worth it.

Q) Is being a writer as satisfying as you thought it would be?

A) In a lot of ways, yes. I have to admit, I hoped to charge in and set the publishing world on fire, and to date that hasn’t happened. *chuckles ruefully* But anything worth doing is worth doing all the way, and I take the bad with the good. On the upside, I’ve got awesome readers and a small but fiercely loyal fan base, which is a damn good start by my reckoning. For the rest? All things to he who waits, works, and prepares for them.

Q) When the day arrives you have to stop writing, what's the one thing you hope your readers will remember?

A) When that day comes, I won’t even realize it, because there’ll be a tag on my toe. But I hope that my readers will have learned to believe in love, magic, and things that can’t be explained, but exist anyway. And I hope they will remember me as one of the writers who taught them to believe. I can’t imagine a better or more fitting tribute than that.

Ancient Magic

More than two decades have passed since the Hodans invaded the peaceful kingdom of Jurav. In their zeal for conquest, they have mercilessly rent the Juravian national character asunder, starting with the temples of their gods.

Varath's uncle raised him to one day assume his father's mantle—command warden of the Temple of Noradi, the most beloved goddess of the Juravian pantheon and the deity of heart, hearth, and the fires which burn in both.

Melody would have been High Priestess to Noradi, and her own family has groomed her with equal care against the day when the Hodan hordes will be expelled and she can assume her rightful place as the most powerful figure in the entire nation . . . and as Varath's bride.

When Varath departed to serve in the Hodan army, Melody saw it as an unconscionable betrayal.

Now Varath has returned to take his father's place as the sole guardian of a temple where no one dares enter, and he has made overtures to claim the other half of his bequest: Melody herself. But can Melody see past the deceptions and lies his rebellion has forced and learn to love the man who seems to have turned his back on his own people?

Dancing On Flames

In the aftermath of a raid on a band of child slavers, Russell and Ion of the Chosen of Fenrir find themselves baring their hearts and souls—and their bodies—to one another. In doing so, they violate one of their Clan’s most sacred laws: Look not to your own kind for love.

Now, one will lay his life on the line on the Path of the Flame Dance, where the Mother Earth will judge whether the love they have is worthy—or a betrayal of their own blood. The other must watch as his lover walks the fire, or perishes in the attempt.         
            Stand or fall, the two warriors will never be the same. . . .

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  1. I love the sound of both stories. The great thing about tours is the meeting of new Authors and finding their books. Thanks for the blurbs today .
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Hello, Carol.
    Many thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great interview! Both stories sound great!

  4. Thank you, Amy.
    We're very grateful you took the time to comment.

  5. Your books sound great, I added them to my must read list! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  6. I enjoyed both the interview and the blurbs. Those books are going on my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  7. Great interview. I have now added two more books to my tbr pile!

  8. Cheralyn, Tracey, and Gabrielle,
    Thank you, thank you, and thank you for stopping and leaving comments.

    JS is a great writer. I've read his work, and I will definitely be reading more.

  9. I love this tour! Im finding so many new authors and books. Love it!!! Both of your books sound great! Id love to read them. Thanks!

  10. Great to see you again!
    I enjoyed your participation in the Noble release parties. Thank you for dropping in, and for commenting.

  11. Count me as part of the loyal fan base! :c) You're a remarkably talented author and I bet there's a whole lotta success between now and that toe tag. *grin*

  12. @ Carol: Thank YOU for coming by and spending a little time! I hope you enjoy my work. If and when you get around to it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    @ Amy: *Blush* I certainly hope so! Thanks for hanging out with me today. :)

    @ Cheralyn: That's the best compliment an author can hope for! :D

    @ Tracey: Let me know what you think when you get around to them! I LOVE to hear from my readers. :-D

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    @ KevaD: Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate you and your constant praise of my work? No? Well, I do, my friend. Thank you VERY much! :)

    @ Sarah: From your lips to God's ear, and the same back to you! :D Here's hoping you and all of us see lots of new readers from this!

  13. I'm a fan too J.S. Can't wait to read Dancing on Flames.

  14. Sarah and HC,
    Fancy meeting you here. Thank you, ladies.
    Hi, JS =)

  15. @ H.C. God, I hope you like it! I haven't been this nervous about a new release since Angels Cry... *gulp* :D

  16. Great interview JS & David. I am so looking forward to reading Ancient Magic. I loved Angels Cry.

  17. Hi Michelle!!!!
    So glad you stopped by. Thank you!

  18. Hi, Michelle! I hope you like it as much as you did Angels Cry! :D