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Friday, November 11, 2011

One of My Favorite Writers and People -- Margie Church

The irrepressible but always enjoyable Margie Church has graced us by appearing on my blog today.
For those not familiar with Margie and her work, let me assure you she is one extremely devoted and talented lady. Every page she writes is from her heart, and she mulls over each and every word until she believes she has given the reader her absolute best.
So, without further ado, Margie agreed to answer a few questions, and she even told the truth in a couple of them.
Q) As a writer, what is your ultimate goal?
I always want the reader to be glad they spent money and time on one of my books. And when they've read that book, they were so enthralled they hunted down my back list and recommended me to their friends.
Q) How do you juggle home, career, family, and writing?
Not well when I'm on a deadline. I'm sober most of the time, and high on caffeine a lot. LOL I write for a living and I always have, so my children grew up learning that this is what I do, how I am. I have to have some balance. I want my children to remember that I was active in their formative years and I want my husband to feel like I'm a real partner in the family dynamics (which are often volatile with teenagers in the house LOL). I volunteer for their most important activities (drumline and Boy Scouts) and go to all their events. Sleep is usually the sacrifice. I wish the whole family could learn that interrupting mom isn't like a disruption while reading a newspaper. Throwing me out of "character" really irritates the hell out of me.
Q) There is so much that goes on behind the scenes in writing, such as rounds and rounds of editing. When you began writing professionally, what problems or bumps popped up that you never expected, and how did you adjust to them?
The first problem that popped up was learning I had a lot to learn! I made all the classic mistakes that new authors do. Fortunately, some to a lesser degree than others, so I chose my most egregious problems and made a plan to improve them, one at a time, with each book. For example, I was an adverb loving, head-hopper like you wouldn't believe. So I improved those on one book and mastered them on the next one. Then I moved down the list. After ten books, I've got a lot of the problems licked but I'm fine tuning all the time and some stuff I really think is dumb to have to do at all. LOL I pick my editing battles, but I just got a note from my editor today saying she noticed (again) how much I hate commas. *shrugs*
Q) Why did you choose to write under a pen name, and how did you decide what name to use?
Pat McCrotch was taken so I just went with the name on my driver's license. Sorta. 
Q) Describe what would be the perfect morning of the most perfect day in your life.
I'm pretty easy…I'd like to be enjoying coffee on the front porch of my mountainside home. The forest would be ablaze with autumn colors and an ocean breeze would usher in the morning sunrise. Notice I'm alone? That's kind of an odd thing about me. I enjoy my own company. Sometimes, too much.
Q) If your soul mate cooked you the ultimate sensual dinner, what would be on the menu?
Lobster with drawn butter, steamed green beans, homemade vanilla bean ice cream, cognac.
Q) What have you had to sacrifice to become a writer?
Sleep. Time outside. Vacations. Days off. Sleep. Outings with friends. Volunteering that requires a regular commitment. Sleep. Friendships with those who think I write smut. Ego. Sleeping in. Going to sleep early. I'm a Type A personality, so I'm driven to succeed. Writing is a very solitary profession and mentors are few and far between. I'm not going to succeed if I don't work my rear off.
Q) When you write, are you a character in your stories, or are you on the sidelines watching the story as it unfolds?
I write in third person because I find first person, well, too personal. To me, writing in first person makes me feel too emotionally vulnerable. I have a hard time separating who I am from what I do. Having said that, I know one of my trademarks as an author is being able to draw you into the story until you are living vicariously through it. I'm able to project myself into the story enough to take you there, but I end up feeling like the characters are people I know, not components of myself. 
Q) What's next for you? Are you considering new characters in a new setting?
I just contracted my next m/m romance, Krewe Daddy, with Noble Romance. This isn't exactly a sequel to Hard as Teak, but about a secondary character from that book, Drew,. This is the story about the love of Drew's life, Luis. When this book opens, Drew and Luis haven't seen each other for six years. The fires are still smoldering. The book takes place in New Orleans. Look for some great supporting characters, including a flaming, crossdresser named, Ronnie. I'm planning to be done writing this by 12/31.
I'm also partnering with Kb Cutter on a series titled RAZOR. The first installment in this BDSM romantic series is promised by 12/15.
Q) Which do you prefer to read – e-book or hard cover?
I've become a convert – eBook. I love my Kindle. I don't have a bookstore in town and I've read more books this year than I have in ten.
Margie's website and blog:
I really want to thank Margie for sharing some of her time with us today, but I also want to thank each one of you who stopped by. I hope to see all of you again soon.


  1. Never, never, never sacrifice sleep. I say that because next to writing, it's my favorite thing to do. Great interview, Margie and David!

  2. Good morning David. Thank you for interrupting my sleep on a day off! Damn. I woke up at 4:45 thinking about my scenes to write in RAZOR. Then DH texts me from the deer blind. What's the point? Oh, I could be at the 6:00 a.m. wedding with YOU!

    You're a highlight in my day. Whenever I see you out and about, I smile. It's my sincere pleasure to be here. I didn't lie too much, but wait to see what I did with YOUR post tomorrow! Bwhwhahahaha!


  3. Anonymous, for one who loves to sleep, you are up very early! LOL The idea of sleep is about the best I can do. If I can get 4-5 hours solid, I can survive the day. Sorta. With a bunch of coffee and maybe a nap. :-) Thank you for coming by so early to say hello.

  4. I had to wake up my Patrick to read your interview. He forgave me.

  5. Hi, Margie and David: very nice interview. Wonderful to learn even more about you. Happy writing!

  6. What an awesome interview! I can agree with so many things you said. Especially about writing in first person and how it makes you emotionally vulnerable. My last was first person and it nearly destroyed me. Oh, and that bit about interrupting you while writing isn't like interrupting you reading the paper? I am SOOO there with you! Commas, though. Hmmm. Did I ever tell you that my first paper in college had CS all over it and I was really getting to the point where I thought the professor was calling me names? Until I realized CS meant comma splice and not cocksucker.

  7. Vicki! Good morning. Thank you for coming by.

  8. Johnny, you're one of my favorite stalkers! Your cocksucker comment reminds me of a line from my WIP. LOL College profs, what do they know? Mine told me to run from this profession. Idiot. I've been asked to write first person a bunch of times. Maybe if I didn't have love scenes in the books, it might be easier for me to consider. I'm sure you get requests from people all the time who want to be "in" your books. The idea creeps me out! LOL *gets out the bricks and mortar*

    Thanks for coming by.Have a great Friday.

  9. Hi everyone, and thank you all so much for stopping by and commenting.
    Hi, Margie. =)

    Here's what went down this morning:

    My son, Stephen, and his now wife Cathie, were married at the busiest intersection (State and Alpine) in Rockford, IL, live, on-the-air by radio station WXRX. The station also did a live-steam video for them.
    It was all a big secret so no one could let it slip.

    There was a live band there who played a slow dance number so Stephen and Cathie could dance on the sidewalk.

    It was freaking cold, but the memory will warm them always. Seriously, it was all so different that you had to smile. The radio station really went all out for them -- just to do it. No charge for anything.

    Stephen had called the station on a whim, a long shot, and the station grabbed the idea and went full out with it. The two morning show hosts didn't even know why they were to do an outdoor show this morning until they got there.

    We were a little concerned about the two strippers the station had show up, but they stayed clothed until after the ceremony. Yeah. Really.

    They even provided a heated bus for the wedding party to sit in until the radio guys and minister were ready.

    We had a blast!!!

  10. I love events with style! Sounds like an adventurous way to start a marriage and to live! Thank you for sharing a bit of it with all of us.

  11. Great interview both of you! Margie, I have to say your remarks about what you did and continue to do with the craft of writing is really inspiring to me. As someone new to it all I'm learning how much I simply never thought to know. Great post, I really enjoyed reading every word!

  12. Renee, thank you. I've been a writer and editor all my life. But fiction writing is the most challenging I've ever encountered. The competitive side of me refuses to make my editors work harder than necessary. I want to slide my manuscript across their desk and have them smile. I know you'll do the same!

  13. Wonderful interview! I used to sacrifice sleep but I've grown to be quite evil & snarky when I don't get in my zzz's. NOPEMING SHORES is on my must read list. It sounds awesome! :-)

  14. Hi, Renee.
    Margie is a special writer, but more importantly, a special person.

    Hello, Maeve.
    Yeah, that lack of sleep thing can get touchy around here. My wife's locked me in the basement a couple times when I've interrupted her nap.
    Thanks so much for dropping in.

  15. Maeve! What a doll you are to come by. Thank you.I hope you enjoy the book and I'll be anxious to hear what you think.

    David, I'm gonna have to send you a Christmas card if you keep sweet talkin me.

    As for the sleep, well, I am a very light sleeper. Believe me, if I could sleep more, I would, but take this morning for example...I didn't have to work. My DH is hunting. I dreamed about him and woke up at 4:45 a.m. Hum. Muse says, must be time to work. I tried to suffocate her. Almost succeeded. Around 6:00 DH texts me from his deer blind. What's the point? LOL